“Succesful solo acts are rarely, in fact, solo”

Teambuilding workshop

Unleash the creative potential of your team

If you think your work is the only place where you are required to think on your feet, adapt to changes and work collaboratively to create something out of nothing, think twice! Improvisers do this on stage all the time.

Our learning sessions combine years of experience -both on scene and in the talent development world- and are designed to translate the same collaborative principles that make Improv groups successful, into your world and your team.

Team building workshop
With ESIMPRO’s workshops you can develop your:

Effective listening

Building together starts with listening to each other.



The glue that sticks teams together.

Pile of bricks


If we all bring one brick, together, we can build a castle.

Map within a head


Know yourself better and, from your self, reach out to the stars.

Lightning bolt


Think quickly - and effectively- on your feet.

Pile of lines being squashed by an arrow


Come what may the show must go on and you’ll be ready.

Which are the needs of your team?
Think out of the box
Improv’ing Collaboration
Face to face

3 - 6 H

  • Listening and accepting
  • Co-creation
  • Empathy
Improv’ing Cohesion
Face to face

3 - 5 H

  • Team-building
  • Trust and inclusion
  • Fun
Improv’ing Innovation
Face to face

3 - 5 H

  • Effective risk taking
  • Accepting new ideas
  • Discover beauty in the unexpected
Insights Discovery
Face to face

4 - 7 H

  • Personal preferences
  • Self-awareness
  • Adapting to collaborate
Expressive Arts
Face to face

3 - 5 H

  • Foster self-awareness
  • Increase well-being
  • Discover internal resources
Regular classes
Face to face

2 - 3 H

  • Public speaking
  • Forging team bond
  • Personal growth
Arrows pointing into a boxBox

Or you can also customize your own pack

Alejandro Goiri

Coach, improviser, and psychologist

Alejandro Goiri y Gonzalo Piñán
Gonzalo Piñán

Teacher, improviser, musician and psycologist

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